Personal Development

When was the last time you actually woke up from your first alarm? Can you remember the last time you successfully stopped yourself from eating another piece of chocolate?
From founding one of the world’s greatest companies to being fired from the same company, the life of Steve Jobs is nothing less than a rollercoaster.
Isn’t it ironic that we write so much about personal development, yet we are calling it can be harmful to you?
The popularity of personal development has ramped up in the past few years. Wherever you go, you will hear people discussing this topic.
Just 72 hours, what’s the big deal, or so I thought.
How’s your experience of this coronavirus lockdown going on? Have you been able to set a sleep schedule? What about following a daily routine?
Let’s admit it - emotions guide our lives, either positively or negatively. Having a negative emotion doesn’t necessarily mean bad though. We need negative emotions to balance with our positive ones.
Only a couple of years ago, I had no clue what personal development was. In fact, I had not even heard about it. I used to do things that made me happy at that moment, irrespective of its consequences later on.
Many people are still locked inside their homes due to coronavirus pandemic. We’re finding it increasingly difficult to motivate ourselves. Our mental health has taken a toll. We are suffering from depression, overweight, oversleeping, and the list keeps ongoing.

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