We strive to give you the best articles out there. So we would like to take this opportunity to get valuable feedback from you.
From this week on, we won’t be writing about investments anymore. We are replacing the investments section with a new niche.
Even we are quite stunned to see 20,000 views within the first 4 months. We had kept a goal of 1,000 views per month - 4,000 views in 4 months.
We would like to apologize for not sending the update about our first eBook on time. It’s more than a week now, and you should have received this email back then.
As we received many emails asking about our hosting plan, we thought it would be best if we’d write an article about its honest review. While moving from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, we have opted for the AGM Web Hosting Plan.
This is to our followers who had to bear so many of our spam emails. As this is our new website, we were updating our theme, and all of a sudden, a lot of random posts generated along with the theme.
We just shifted our blog from https://proinvestivity.wordpress.com/ to this site (https://proinvestivity.com/). We felt that this is the right time to choose a self-hosting site. We requested WordPress to migrate all our followers to this site, and it seems it’s done already. In case there have been any issues with the migrating part, please feel free to follow us here to connect.
Who doesn’t love quotes? Perhaps the only ones that don’t read them? Being quote lovers ourselves, we are planning to start a series on posting daily inspirational quotes. With these quotes, we want to brighten your day and make you feel ready to take on anything.
Up until now, we have been writing on the topics that we felt would be beneficial for you. However, we would like to take this moment to ask you for your suggestions so that we could write in the near future. The topic could be anything that comes under Personal Development and Investments.

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