As you are beginning your investing career, there must be a lot of frequently asked questions that are still left answered. So we would like to answer the 5 most frequently asked questions about investments - stock markets to be specific.
Wouldn’t you be fascinated if someone provided you with Get Rich Quick Scheme? For me, that someone wasn’t from my family or my friends, but rather from a movie. Back in Grade 11, I watched The Wolf of Wall Street for the first time (I have watched it four times in total). I was astonished to see such a brilliant display by Leonardo Dicaprio. But even more astonishing was that the movie showed him getting rich within a very short time span.
So, Ready to Kickstart Your Investment Journey With a Bang? Let’s Go Then! Earlier, I had written about How To Invest As Per Your Age Group. But I realized that it would also be great if I could help a new investor start his Career effectively. Even if you have invested before, this article will be fruitful for you. Having discussed Why Should You Invest earlier, it’s time now to tackle the “How?” question.
Despite Classical Economics mentioning human beings as rational thinkers, we have proved it wrong, haven't we? This is particularly true in Investing where many people have shown nothing short of absurdity. This absurdity has brought in a popular concept called Behavioral Investment.
Classical Economics states that we are rational decision-makers. But we have proved it wrong, haven’t we? This is particularly true in investments where many people have shown nothing short of absurdity. This absurdity has brought in a popular concept called Behavioral Investment.
Want to learn about Investments while being Entertained at the same time? These movies will ensure that you will learn a great deal without putting you into sleep. I have watched all these at least once, and My Personal Favorite is No.1.
The Internet has provided us an easy way to learn about finance and investments. But if you want to get an in-depth analysis, then you will have to Read a Book. The advice from well-experienced financiers will go a long way in defining your financial plans. So, learn about their core principles before you put your own money on the battlefield. 1. Rich Dad Poor Dad (Best Book for Beginner)
Planning for investments isn’t a one-time activity. Once you start investing, you will have to adjust your portfolio, depending upon your age. While you can afford to take great risks early in your career, the same might not be possible over time. So let’s learn about the procedure with which you can maximize benefits across your lifetime.
The term Investing has been gaining popularity more than ever, and for the right reasons. This is the time for you to learn about investments! If you don’t invest, you are missing a lot of opportunities to make your money work for you. If done properly, the potential to gain from investments is much higher than the potential to lose. I started to learn about investments from 2018, and I have to tell you - this is the best thing I have got into.

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