From this week on, we won’t be writing about investments anymore. We are replacing the investments section with a new niche.
Irrespective of who you are and what you do, you must have knowledge about the basic investment terms. As the world of investing is growing, you never know when you have to make your own investment decisions.
In investing, Warren Buffett is a household name, isn’t he? What makes Warren Buffett great isn’t only his dazzling net worth of $71 billion, but also how he differentiates from most investors.
Achieving financial success would be awesome if there weren’t any risks involved. Unfortunately, there are many risks that can be hazardous to our future financial success.
We all want our returns quickly. We all want to earn money as soon as possible. We all want to find a get-rich-quick scheme. Having so many distractions, it’s no wonder that most investors fail to manage their investment portfolios.
Creating your investment portfolio for the long term doesn’t sound that hard, does it? Except for the fact that most investors fail to do so. They lack self-discipline and patience to invest successfully in the long run.
As society indicates wealth to be a person's success, why not learn life lessons from the ones that have been there - yes, we're talking about millionaires.
If someone offered you a get-rich-quick scheme for a million dollars, you would be willing to leave everything behind in its pursuit, won’t you?
While it’s good if you are making mistakes in investing and learning from them, but won’t it be better if you could learn the same lessons from other people’s mistakes? So, learn from the important investment lessons that I wish I had learned earlier.

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