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I was a kid who wanted the world. From the best education to the most outstanding outfit, however, all within a carefully sewn together set of terms and conditions called Real Life.
I am Simon from the southernmost land of India. Yes, that's my native. I am a blogger, a NBFC corporate employee and I write life lessons, short stories, funny, scary, emotional and if you want to know more I have written a book, and it's available for free, I named it as "Alex" click My Book and get your free copies, and share your review, and don't forget to link my blog Penonsite, I'll be glad to read your reviews.
The one thing which I believe connects all us together is that we all are looking for the same thing and want the same thing in life. We all want love and happiness in our life. That’s one thing we all have in common.
Hi, I'm Alice (My Mind Speaks Aloud) and I'm lucky enough to be sharing a guest blog today all about planning your time effectively! I am a lifestyle blogger who has been blogging since May 2016 and one of my favorite things to write about (amongst books, films, creative writing + more) is self-development.

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