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When was the last time you actually woke up from your first alarm? Can you remember the last time you successfully stopped yourself from eating another piece of chocolate?

Gaze inside the life story of Steve Jobs and get to know how the world’s most valuable company started its journey.

Learn the techniques and principles to exponentially improve yourself in the long run.

Steve Jobs with iPhone

From founding one of the world’s greatest companies to being fired from the same company, the life of Steve Jobs is nothing less than a rollercoaster.

I am Malala

‘Who is Malala?’ the Taliban demanded, before shooting her three times. 'I am Malala, this is my story.'

obsession over personal development

Isn’t it ironic that we write so much about personal development, yet we are calling it can be harmful to you?

autobiography of benjamin franklin

Learn from the perfect polymath - author, entrepreneur, politician, inventor, scientist, diplomat, activist, statesman, printer, and many more!


The popularity of personal development has ramped up in the past few years. Wherever you go, you will hear people discussing this topic.

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