My Daily Routine During This CoronaVirus Pandemic

My Daily Routine During This CoronaVirus Pandemic


I hope you are having a great time. 

In case you missed my earlier article on My Morning Routine, please feel free to read – My Morning Routine During this CoronaVirus Pandemic.

So let’s begin, shall we?



Motivation Around Me

At times, I feel discouraged while accomplishing my goals. Do you also feel the same?

I approached a new technique to avoid my discouragement. It is sticking quotes that motivates me to strive for achieving my goals. You can stick it wherever you feel is the place you visit the most. For me, my cupboard is the best one as my study table is right besides it. 


Few of My Cupboard Quotes

Having all those motivational quotes in front of me, I am able to go through them on a daily basis and capture these in my subconscious mind. This has led to unfolding the Secrets for My Personal Growth.

A Quote speaks about the deep reflection of life. I have explored them as a catalyst for personal growth. Besides that, I am able to fulfill my requirement for motivation by carving these into my mind.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Frequent Power Walks

Power walk, in my term, is the frequent walk you do after each break of long hour jobs. Let’s say, after the completion of one of my assignments, I play music in my phone and roam around my corridor. With this, I am able to refresh my mind for my later work. 

In this turmoil of life, I don’t have enough time to walk. I have lots of other work to do.

Do you also feel the same?

My friend, which one do you prioritize first? Is it your life, or other things on which you are busy?

If you dare to improve your life, you must make time to rejuvenate yourself as well.

Do you know how effective it has been for me to choose a power walk? I am able to give time to myself keeping all the stuff aside for about 5 minutes. 

Doing this, I am refreshing my mind and in terms of health, body to circulate blood. I am able to come back with a refreshed mind and strive for success.

Give it a try with frequent power walks and see its rejuvenating energy. 

“After a day’s walk, everything has twice its usual value.”  

G. M. Trevelyan   


Reading Books

Whenever I feel alone, I have someone to talk with – it’s a book. Reading books has helped me to learn something new regularly. 

Till today, I have read more than 25 books which I started just two years ago. From these books, I have learned about life, goals, and living. All to summarize together tells us to Know About Ourselves.

I get inspired by the strategies and methods the author uses to share their experience and the way to achieve success.

Books have been the main source of my understanding of personal development.

Reading books is on my daily bucket list. I spend at least 1 hour per day reading books.

Currently, I am reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. From this book, I am learning about eternal happiness. The simple story of a sumo wrestler in the book has been able to grasp my attention to the principle of radiant living.

Most of the books which I have read reflect on our self-growth. The lessons these books provide are effective in a practical approach. Here are some of my favorite books which have helped me to visualize my future with strong strategies:

So do read any of these books, if you get a chance. I promise, you won’t regret.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.”

George R.R. Martin


Collaboration With the Nearest One

This Coronavirus Pandemic is teaching me about the importance of interpersonal skills for personal growth. As we are in lockdown, I have been able to collaborate with my roommate. 

It could have been impossible for me to track my progress and find out the importance of why I am doing without my friend. I couldn’t have been able to identify The Challenges in my Personal Development. Sometimes or the other, we might be traveling in the wrong direction. Having the friend observe our progress gets us back to remain on the track.

If you are with your family, then you can suggest one of your family members to observe your doing. If you are alone, then no worries! You can self-evaluate yourself.

Furthermore, I want to Invest in Myself. So I and my friend perform tasks that are beneficial for both of us and share the basic ideas about our learning. This saves our time as we don’t have to invest time on the topic on which our friend is learning. 

Besides, we go for a review of our weekly goals, monthly goals, and yearly goals. If one of us failed to achieve any of the mentioned goals, then the other person guides and provides honest feedback.

From the book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, I also get to know about the three mirrors of life. One is how you see yourself, other is how other people see and the final one is the Truth.

When you stick to your points only and don’t try to see from others’ perspective, you may not find the Truth. It’s essential for you to understand what your nearest ones think about you and how that links to your own Truth.

So, find the nearest one, tell them about the benefit of indulging in collaboration, and strive for mutual success.

“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”

Mother Teresa


My Streak and Productivity Score

In a streak, when we complete a particular daily goal, we add a cross mark on the calendar. With that, the chain extends to the weekly, monthly, and yearly.

It has been nearly two months since I started using streak. At first, I wasn’t able to differentiate the benefit of using streak. I used to think about it as a waste of time. Later only to realize, it is helping me to track which goals do I feel difficult to accomplish.

Moreover, I have been able to divide my daily goals according to the specific time. To say, I have divided my streak time with morning, day-time, and night activities.


My Productivity Calendar

Productivity score might be the new term for most of us in personal development.

How do you know about how productive you remain for the whole day?

Considering this, my friend and I found the perfect way to imply productivity scores in our daily life.

The productivity score is the rating I give to myself at the end of the day. We keep a record of our productive time and find the ratio of it with the total time we have. 

Our productivity formula:

Productivity score = Productive time  / {24 hrs – Basic needs (e.g.  sleep, foods, exercise and meditation)} 

This has made me strive for excellence with the start of the new day.

I find Productivity score as the key element in producing vibrant living with creative and visionary goals.


Take a Weekly Sabbatical

I learned about weekly sabbatical from none other than Robin Sharma’s book Who Will Cry When You Die.

From this, I learned about my weekly break on Sunday. I find this the most effective way to boost our productivity. I use my break to restore my energy and be prepared for the following week. 

During this break, I start off my day by staying in the garden and enjoy my surroundings. Even, I try to figure out what were the problems I faced during the past week and find out the solutions. 

I also use social media during this break to enjoy connecting with my childhood friends. 

One thing I always remember to do is watching movies. As movies have a lot to offer, I become a part of movies and learn from them. Some of the movies I watched during these breaks include:

  • The Pursuit of Happyness
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • Life is Beautiful
  • The Intouchables
  • Taare Zameen Par(Like Stars on Earth)
  • The Wolf of Wall Street

I have written a blog post on 5 Must-Watch Movies To Develop Yourself. Please feel free to have a look.


Refreshing My Memories with Good People

Last but not the least, it’s inspiring when you are surrounded by people with great thinking. I always find peace when I am with my friends because we talk a lot about our goal setting and planning.

I also contact my family everyday. I feel restored sharing our happiness and establishing a good rapport with each other.

With the uncertainties of what happens when, let’s make our life paradise striving for success every single day. 

I have written a similar article about my experience with social media in this coronavirus lockdown. Check it out – My Personal Experience With Social Media In This Coronavirus Lockdown

If you learned something and enjoyed reading this article, then please consider sharing this with your wonderful friends as well. Thank you so much!

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  1. Ellah

    First off your cupboard quotes are inspiring. I also love reading and lately I’ve been meditating. Thanks for sharing

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thank you for your warm comment. I hope your meditation is going well.
      Have a good day, Ellah.

  2. mikeyor

    A solid routine man!
    I try to emulate a similar routine, trying to put this free time to good use. I completely agree with the weekly break. If I neglect this I tend to burn out and feel like everyday is the same, a break literally breaks up the week and allows me to appreciate the time spent working on myself in the past week

    1. Pro Investivity

      Hey Mikey,
      Good to see you around.
      Thanks a lot, man!
      Exactly! Without the break, we will burn out, and then everything falls apart.
      I’m glad that you are able to relate this post with your situation, and I hope that your daily routine is also going well.
      Have a good day, Mikey! 🙂

  3. KostasTheCoach

    Thank you for sharing. Good to see the various ways which people use to stay focused and productive. They differ from person to person, so we all need to find what keeps us going and work with it.

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thank you for going through the article! I appreciate your time and effort! We are glad that you found the post helpful!

  4. uzzawal1911

    This is a good post bro! I too try to follow the above mentioned ideas, especially the power walk in the sun and reading as much as I can. Good work btw, keep it up!

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thank you very much, Uzzawal! 🙂
      Oh wow! How’s the power walk working out for you?

      1. uzzawal1911

        Its feels good, I feel more confident, and also getting some sun during the lockdown times is vital too imo.

        1. Pro Investivity

          Incredible! It’s wonderful to know that you are gaining a lot from it! 🙂

  5. Priya muses

    Insightful post indeed! Loved you take on streak and productive score, will certainly try to emulate that in my daily routine. Power walks is a great way to stay fit amidst the sedentary nature of modern jobs! Thanks for the tips. Hope this lockdown ends soon and situation gets back to normal:)

    1. Pro Investivity

      Hi Priya! 🙂
      It’s great to see you around!
      Thank you for going through the article! I appreciate your time and effort!
      I hope that you would find the streak and productivity score useful. Of course, power walk it a great exercise! I’m also wishing the lock down to open fast!
      Once again, thanks a lot! 🙂

  6. amamazing

    Very practical and insightful. Particularly, I love the cupboard quotes and will get some for myself. The productive score too will be very beneficial, I just might adopt it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thanks a lot for your wonderful words. I hope the quotes and productivity score will be of great help to you too.

  7. Very nice routine👌
    I also prefer to read personal development books and watch insightful movies. I really loved the concept of productivity score chart. I would try to incorporate that practice in my daily routine. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insights. They are really helpful 😊

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thanks a lot for your wonderful words!
      It’s great to know that you love reading and watching similar books and movies, respectively.
      I sincerely hope that the productivity score chart would be of great use to you, as it has been the case for me. Do let me know how it goes for you.
      Once again, thanks a lot! 🙂

  8. edru0821

    Hey! You have a great blog post, it definitely sounds like you are on the right track in terms of productivity and success! Keep being the light and guiding others to living a better life all around man!

  9. I love reading about daily routines and you’ve got a solid one! I particularly loved the cupboard quotes; I might have to try something similar to see how it affects my own quarantine routine.

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thank you for going through the article! I appreciate your time and effort!
      Wow! Please let me how the cupboard quotes fare with you. I hope it will bring positive light in your life.
      Thanks once again! 🙂

  10. I love hearing other people’s daily routines, so this was a really interesting read! I find your first cupboard quote interesting : stimulus, freedom to choose, response.
    It reminded me that we do have the freedom to shape our day, change our habits, and live a better life if we are just aware enough to recognize this fact.
    Great article!

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thank you so much for stopping by!
      The quote is so true about our freedom and our way to choose to live upon them, isn’t it?
      It all starts from us to live our life with full potential. 🙂

  11. annettethompson7

    Love this article, you are setting out the blog very well. I particularly enjoyed the section on reading and loved the quote by George R R Martin.

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. The quote is inspiring , isn’t it? 🙂

  12. I love your productivity streak! Think it is good to keep yourself accountable and motivated. Great post 🙂

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thank you for the comment. I am glad, you loved my streak. Of course, it is always good to track ourselves with routine. 🙂

  13. womanbehindabook

    Wow! Your daily routine sounds so put together! Cool to see the way routines can help us feel more normal in an abnormal time.

  14. RheaAngeline

    Now I understand why you were moved by my recent blog post about productivity. 😉

  15. Nina Ricci

    Very good article! Your productivity scoring gave me an idea to start my own productivity program. Thank you so much. 🙂

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thank you so much, Nina! 🙂
      I’m glad you were able to start your own productivity program.

  16. Peshy Jums

    This is awesome at least you are still productive. I like your productive score.. I got sick then fell of my routine.. I have been reading a lot though hoping to get back on track. Aw thanks for the shout out xx

    1. Pro Investivity

      Hey Peshy!
      Thank you very much for your warm comment.
      Oh no! Are you fine now? I really hope you are…
      The pleasure is all mine for the shout out. I want people to know how great a blog you have. 🙂

      1. Peshy Jums

        Hey, yeah I’m doing much better. That’s nice of you, thank you 🙂

        1. Pro Investivity

          The pleasure is all mine, Peshy! 🙂
          I’m glad to learn that you are doing better now.
          Stay safe, and take care.

  17. I Checked out your “My Daily Routine During This CoronaVirus Pandemic.” It’s really good! The Productivity Score thing was a really neat idea. Very Creative Content!

  18. Kalani

    Probably the best thing out of all this is that I’ve had heaps of time to read through books and articles that I had been meaning to get around too !
    Carnegie’s book is top notch and I often go back and skim through it

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thank you Kalani for sharing your thoughts. Reading books inspire us and motivated, isn’t it? Even when it is of Carnegie’s book, that’s very helpful.

  19. nanaattafuah

    Great piece,man!
    I also do the sticky quotes on the wall.They motivate me all the time just as reading books do.Thanks for sharing!very insightful.

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thank you so much for warm comment! It feels motivated every time to see quotes on cupboard, isn’t it?

      1. nanaattafuah

        It really does

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