How to Develop Yourself Amid Coronavirus Pandemic?

How to Develop Yourself Amid Coronavirus Pandemic?

Are you feeling bored during this lockdown?

Hey there! 

It’s the perfect time to develop your personal skills!

But why should I focus on my personal skills during such a pandemic?

Well, you got an opportunity to get away from other works temporarily and give time to yourself. You have myriads of options with you to work on yourself and understand the values and goals of your life. The way you invest in personal skills won’t go in vain. 

Last week, I worried about not having options with me to do as I have been in isolation for nearly 15 days. But, I was wrong. I found a strategy so I can emphasize my personality. 

Here are the most helpful options you can engage during such a time, following which I found a profound change in myself. I believe you can also relate to it in some way or the other. 



Start your day with Exercise 

Beginning the day with exercise helps you to cross the boundary of your challenges. Accepting the small challenges from the start of the day and achieving that goal makes your day fulfilled. 

I was always procrastinating, hoping to start from the next day but didn’t have the courage to do so. 

Yet, I accepted the challenge and kept going. 

As you no longer need to go to the office or schools at this time, you can keep physical fitness at the first priority and form a habit of doing it. 


How Practicing Meditation Helped me Built my Patience?

The more you meditate the more you develop your tolerating skills. Meditating even only 20 minutes a day can benefit you in various fields. It is scientifically proven that meditation reduces stress hormones, which also assists you to sleep effectively. 

It was a big deal for me to meditate even for 10 minutes. My mind was full of conflicts, not able to focus. Meanwhile, practicing and listening to meditation music, I develop my patience skills.

Listening to meditation music can actually help you not to divert your mind. 

Meditation additionally helps you understand yourself first. Before committing to personality development, it’s important that You Must Know Yourself.


So What Else Can I Do?

Get the time to improve skills and learn something new by reading self-help books and others that are in the field of your interest. There are a bunch of books available in the market, you can go through. 

Currently, I am reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. During my time, I learned how to remain proactive and plan for the next day’s activities. Besides, I am able to reflect on the script of the book which has clearly mentioned what is the center of your life? I am deeply touched by how the book reflects the wrong practice that is stopping ourselves to grow.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only one.”

 George R.R. Martin

Also, I recommend you following two short, but wonderful books to develop yourself:

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear


Enroll in Online Courses

Are you worried about your academic careers? Or, would you like to join new language classes?

Then, there are lots of choices you can make. You can go through online tutorials, or enroll in personality development classes which can be found in different learning sites such as Udemy, Coursera or Edx. You can enroll in courses freely but have to pay for earning certification.

This is the perfect time to Invest in Yourself!

I have enrolled myself in negotiation skill classes and other academic lectures. This is the right time for you to get to know your passion and start with a sprout on it. 

Amazingly, learning a new language improves your memory skills, where side by side you will enjoy your time. Duolingo is the most popular language-learning website which is very interactive with the users. I enjoyed this app while learning the German language.

Here is the Example of a Successful Person who Enjoyed his Solitary Life and Later Became a World Hero 

Sir Isaac Newton embarked on his life journey isolating himself from others and choosing solitary study. Having said so, he discovered the theory of gravity while staying alone beneath the apple tree. It was the time when bubonic plague outbroke over London, Newton was working secretly to revolutionize the world with his theory and completely change the paradigm of science.

So, you might be the next person which you aren’t aware of. 


Past Review and Plans on Upcoming Days

Every successful person does this, so why don’t you start it as well?

You have plenty of time to rescript your plan and begin with the end in your mind as Stephen Covey suggests in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Reviewing your past activities makes you realize how far you have been to achieve your goal. According to this, you can prepare a list of things to do in the upcoming days. 

This habit has helped me stay with my dreams and understand the necessity of developing skills like negotiation, patience and more in isolation. It actually helped me to track my life and code accordingly. 

It’s a piece of cake once you get started. So, stop blaming yourself for not completing your tasks in time and begin a new journey of life by simply jotting down what you have achieved so far by today. 

At last, it’s often easier said than done. It took me tons of effort to develop my skills. Even so, you won’t regret utilizing your isolation time on your personal development. I admire what you have done for your health and would love to hear from you how you are utilizing your time. 

I have written a similar article about my experience with social media in this coronavirus lockdown. Check it out – My Personal Experience With Social Media In This Coronavirus Lockdown

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  1. liv_lenore

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post! I agree that this time of isolation is the perfect opportunity to try new things and create better habits! Personally, I have been reading lots of books and consistently exercising. Thankfully, I am still able to work from home so that’s been keeping me busy as well.

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thank you you enjoyed our post!
      Yup! That’s the way to go during this lock down.

  2. Now is definitely a good time to work on our personal development. I too enjoyed Atomic Habits, Seven Habits and How to Win Friends. May I suggest some other authors for you? Take a look at Jon Acuff’s ‘Finish’ and also books by Andy Cope (and other collaborators) including ‘The Art of Brilliance’, ‘Zest’ and ‘Shine’. You’ve made a great start with this blog and I look forward to reading more posts.

    1. Pro Investivity

      I’m glad your enjoyed the books we have mentioned. Thank you for suggesting some books. We are intrigued to read them already.
      Also, really appreciated that you liked my blog, hope it will remain the same in future as well. 🙂

  3. Marion Surya

    Indeed this time allows focus on developing ourselves, positive and useful article! 🌟 You wanted to know my opinion well you have a nice writing style and your blog seems on point, although I do not a lot of knowledge with investing and all, I enjoy what you wrote about personal development in the two articles… keep going with your wonderful work 🌞🌟

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thank you so much for your warm comment.
      I’m glad you enjoyed what we have written about personal development.

  4. Psyche Castillon

    I’ve been staying at home for 20 days now. I too have a hard time concentrating, but I try to program my mind that every day is like a “normal” day and so I go through the day as if I was working normal hours.

    1. Pro Investivity

      That’s unfortunate to learn that.
      I hope you are able to continue your journey.

  5. avihappyhub

    This is a grt article.

    I am already doing the things you have mentioned in this article. I have also started blogging recently and have written a smiliar blog –

    Pls check it out.

  6. Drew

    Great article and so relevant as i was just talking to my mom about the fact that she is going crazy and needs stuff to do. I was trying to tell her to work on different stuff and create goals to achieve! Great post!

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thank you for your kind words, Drew.
      I hope she will listen to you soon!

  7. This is amazing! This article touched the important aspect of our personal development that should be focused on during this period.

    I enjoyed every bit of it!

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thank you for going through the article! I appreciate your time and effort!
      I’m glad you found the article helpful!

  8. nndeo

    Loved this post! I never thought about the connection between meditation and growing your patience. Do you think yoga could have a similar affect?

    Also, do you have a preference out of the three online learning platforms you mentioned? I’ve never taken the time to do online learning (outside of school), but I agree that this could be the perfect time to start.

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thank you for going through the article! I appreciate your time and effort!
      Yeah sure, yoga could have a similar effect, even more, as per researches.

      Udemy seems to be a great option since there are plenty of wonderful, free courses.

  9. Great suggestions for being productive and improving yourself during isolation! I think it can be hard for many people to find a “new routine” during so much downtime. Their biggest hurdle is simply taking that first step. But I agree with you that once you try something new to invest in yourself, the reward is great!

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thank you for going through the article! I appreciate your time and effort!
      Yup, it can really be hard for many people to find a routine that sticks!
      I hope you are able to stick with your routine. 🙂

  10. ladycee

    Dropped by as promised. I see your blog is about personal development and you share some useful ideas in your post. I’ve read Covey’s book – the 7 habits… very very good. Hope you enjoy reading it.

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thanks a lot for your kind words! 🙂
      I’m glad you like the 7 Habits.

  11. robertjupathi

    This has been a horrible time for us all. It’s nice to come across your post that is really motivating as a reader.

    1. Pro Investivity

      Thanks a lot, Robert! 🙂
      I’m glad to hear that our post was of help to you.

  12. milleykhan

    I had no clue that Sir Isaac Newton used his isolation to devise one of the most significant scientific discoveries. I am so inspired to contribute as well.

    1. Pro Investivity

      Oh yeah, he did so! I was also surprised to know about it initially.
      Thanks a lot, Milley! 🙂

  13. robinadixit

    I am also thinking about joining an online class about Psychology. Can you recommend the best site for it?

    1. Pro Investivity

      Regarding psychology, edx has the best course about basics to psychology if you would like.

  14. Excellinglife

    It’s nice to see such a great post during this crisis. Exercising and meditating surely helps at this time.

  15. SMS

    Your site is very helpful. Many thanks for sharing!

  16. Courtsalee

    Really informative and helpful. Great Read!

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